Promissory Notes

Benefits of Investing In Promissory Notes

If investors know anything it’s that it takes money to make money. Although this is a pretty simple concept (so much so that most economy 101 professors start their semester with this lesson). However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t nuance and complexity to the phrase. Simply having access to start-up capital doesn’t always equate to financial longevity, generational wealth, or even an immediate boost to revenue streams.

This is where finance professionals and wealth managers alike preach investment diversity, by including tools like promissory notes in the investment portfolio.

What Are Promissory Notes

Promissory notes are an investment tool that is nearly as old as the United States. In general, a promissory note is a signed document that commits one party to the financial obligation of another in an agreed-upon sum, and with agreed-upon payment terms.

One of the most important aspects of a promissory note is the repayment terms, the length of the note, and of course, the total value of the note.

Historically, promissory notes are reliable and safe investments that retain or grow in value over time. As such, LuxeStreet Financial uses the promissory note as its main investment vehicle. At LuxeStreet Financial accredited investors can purchase a promissory note for as little as $10k, or as much as $10 Million.

At LuxeStreet Financial, our promissory notes are written for a 3-year-term and offer the investor a 12% annual return which is paid out monthly. While a promissory note won’t necessarily create instant wealth or skyrocket your individual net-worth, they are one of the safest and least volatile investment categories available.

Stability and Sustainability

Building generational wealth is about setting up a system of passive income generated through multiple avenues that need little-to-no upkeep or maintenance. This is where the promissory note falls into your investment strategy.

As one of the most stable and reliable investment vehicles on the market, choosing to invest in a promissory note builds a level of security and stability in your investment portfolio. Theoretically, this stability will translate into a stronger market presence of your investment portfolio, and eventually transfer to the future generations of your family.

With annual returns as high as 12%, the LuxeStreet Financial promissory note is an excellent choice to add to your investment portfolio. Bringing promissory notes into your investment strategy won’t just add a layer of security and stability to your portfolio.

The promissory notes from LuxeStreet Financial are considered an alternative investment asset as they’re backed by luxury timepieces. Because of that, the promissory notes offered by LuxeStreet don’t respond to the economy in the same way that most traditional investment opportunities respond. In other words, investing in luxury timepieces protects your investment portfolio from market volatility and sudden economic crashes.

Make generational wealth a commitment, rather than a dream, by taking the time to invest in a diverse portfolio that is full of opportunity without exposing you to unnecessary amounts of risk.

Start Investing Today

Promissory notes are one of the most reliable, sustainable, and stable investments that financiers and wealth managers suggest on a day-to-day basis. The LuxeStreet Financial Promissory note offers accredited investors 12% annual return on investments between $10k and $10 Million.

Bring a sense of stability, protection, and security into your investment portfolio by choosing a promissory note.

Visit LuxeStreet Financial today to get in touch with a professional wealth manager, or a member of our investment team, to learn more about the promissory notes we offer, how they protect your portfolio against market volatility, and where to find the dotted line to sign.